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June 27th 2017 - Let your imagination run wild! 
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Aries are go-getters! Whether it’s business, social or love, Aries lives for the love of the challenge and the chase. You love to achieve the impossible, and when you do, it creates enormous amounts of enthusiasm within yourself and the passion and motivation to achieve even more. As a self-starter, you are a natural leader who works best in a team environment. When you are inspired.. Read More



Taurus star sign people are charming, romantic and dependable, and it’s these qualities that make you a trusted friend and lover. As a Taurus you love the finer things of life, and long to surround yourself in ultimate comfort. Your top priorities are to attract love and money. However, you can also put too much emphasis on material possessions causing you to judge.. Read More



Gemini likes to be connected but they also like to be free as they love the spontaneity of life, which means they don’t like to be confined. You need freedom to take up opportunities when they're presented. You also like expanding your mind, by learning, watching, listening and reading. It’s the adventure of life you love, and are forever looking for ways to keep life interesting and different.. Read More




Ruled by the sensitive energy of the Moon, you are known to be a nurturing person who has an innate counseling qualities. Cancer star sign people are compassionate and caring individuals. You try to be pleasing, and like to encourage others to do their best. But you are no push-over, you are smart, you won’t go the extra mile if it is detrimental to yourself. If someone is not grateful for your time,  you can cut them loose.. Read More



For a partner to be on your regal arm, they need to ooze charm, be seductive, look like a glamorous star, and be forever supportive of whatever you choose to do. Naturally, you want to be perceived as the most stunning couple in the room and envied by many. You are attracted to someone who has power and presence, but you still want to make the decisions. You can be bossy and take charge by making all the decisions and demands, but for the one you love.. Read More 



You are a perfectionist who ensures that every detail is correct and accurate. Whatever you work on has to be just right, otherwise it can drive you to a point of distraction, hence why you are often said to be critical. But in your case, to be critical is an asset. On the personal side, you have an amazing heart, caring and considerate, you are known to help those who are less fortunate than you. You are first to reach out, knowing that it is often the small gestures in life that make the biggest impact.. Read More




Planet Venus, the love goddess of the solar system, bestows you with an affectionate and naturally diplomatic personality. Who can resist that charming smile ? You are the charmers of the universe and are known as the ‘peacemaker’. You long for a harmonious existence. Any form of agitation can have an unbalancing affect on your wellbeing. You adore being fussed over and feel blessed when others go out of their way for you. Finding someone to share your life with.. Read More 



With the energy of your ruling planet Pluto, you possess a powerful, unseen force that gives you a power and charisma that few can match or resist. You have a magnetic force that draws people to you like a magnet. And often you will find that others are in awe of you, and look to you as a role model. It is not unusual for Scorpio to experience envy from competitors or even friends. You have an indestructible drive for life itself and a tenacious spirit that is capable of.. Read More




Born under the influence of Jupiter, the lucky star, Sagittarius tends to be fortunate in life, in one way or another. Amazing opportunities can fall  at your feet and the effort to create and fulfill these opportunities can happen almost effortlessly. You have a knack of being in the right place at the right time and are quick to recognize and capitalize on what can seem like a made-to-measure opportunity. As a fire sign, you’re a risk taker and even when you intuitively know there are obstacles, you have faith that everything will work out.. Read More




Hard working and highly motivated, you excel in anything you put your mind to. You pride yourself on being successful, ambitious and disciplined. These traits make you a tremendous teacher and role model. Anyone who needs help constructing their goals in life, you are the go-go person. You are fiercely loyal to those you love and in return you make lifelong friendships. However, you don’t stand for anyone wanting to change or manipulate you. If they love you, they have to take you as you come, without stipulations.. Read More




You are interesting, unique and independent. It has never been your dream to blend in. Highly intelligent, you amaze others with your original yet unexpected ideas. You have a deep unconditional love for all people. And not bothered by what other people think, you readily accept them for who they are, without having to agree with them. As someone who is genuinely involved with happenings and events within your community, as well as on a world wide stage, you have strong interests in humanitarian affairs.. Read More 



As a Pisces, you are mysterious and romantic. Your love for film, theatre, music and even mythical creatures, gifts you with a wide variety of friends who enjoy your inspired and positive outlook on life. Your energy, governed by Neptune, is light, artistic, and intuitive. You have an idealistic view on life and believe the mind can achieve anything it can conceive. Being the most sensitive sign of the zodiac, it is important to surround yourself with positive people who support  your dreams, no matter how fanciful they are.. Read More




Jennifer's reading are outstanding, you will be amazed at the insights she reveals to you. She designs her personal readings incorporating her Astrology knowledge, Psychic Ability and Life-Coaching skills.

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Thank you for visiting my site and following my work. I have been studying metaphysics all my life, in one way or another, and it is such an honor to share my knowledge. Life is a journey of living, loving and learning, and the more knowledge we have, the more wisdom we acquire. I do hope you come back often and I look forward to sharing more knowledge and guidance with you and your friends.

Love and luck to you!

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