Astrology Custom Reading

For the Astrological Custom Reading, you Design your own Session:

These segments all require preparation time for analysis.
And each segment takes a certain amount of time for consultation.

Based on what your needs are and what you want to achieve, I will design a Psychic  Astrological consultation you want based on a select any combination of these segments.



The difference between this consultation and the 30 and 60-minute Psychic Astrology and Birthday readings, is there are a lot more preparation and analytical work on a far greater depth.

With the Custom reading, you choose what you want to focus on, with a selection and combination of the segments listed. You and Jennifer (that's me) will have a few email exchanges to make sure I get your details right and to find out what you want to achieve from the session.

Keep in mind that each segment can be a full reading within itself, and if you have never had your chart analyzed, then this alone, which can incorporate the karmic soul purpose analyst, is a must-have session and can be covered in an hour. This is a once only session life session, and from this point, I have an in-depth knowledge of your chart, which will enhance future Psychic Astrology Life Coaching and Birthday sessions.

To help you select your customized reading, as a general rule, each segment will take approx. 30 minutes, and as there are always questions, it is good to allow 30 minutes for questions.

Just let me know what you want to achieve from your session, the time and budget you have, and I will custom design a reading/consultation for you that fits within the time you book.

Each reading includes psychic clairvoyance questions.

You will receive a session recording and often session notes and attachments, depending on what we cover.

The minimum time for the astrological customized consultation is 90 minutes at $300 or two hours at $395.

Or you can sit down with Jennifer for a 3-hour session, at $595, where she will analyze your chart, forecasts, soul purpose and anything else. In this session, Jennifer designs a spiritual life coaching session where you walk away knowing what your soul purpose is and with action steps to align your life to achieve your inner heart goals.

You will walk away with action steps, and with an understanding of your soul purposed how to align with it.

This is a powerful session once-off session, which can be followed up with Jennifer's monthly Life Coaching Consultations or periodical Psychic Astrology sessions.

1.5 hr.    $300  Sale $249
2 hr.       $395   Sale $329
3 hr.       $595   Sale $495


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