It’s that time of year again when we get motivated to be healthy, look terrific and feel even better. And if you are having trouble getting motivated, then your SunSign could provide the clues, passion and dedication you need to make that extra effort. It’s not just about doing one thing, your Sun Sign has a best and most effective way to get you motivated. A specific fitness style, your most effective work out program, and wait for it.. your confidence secret! When you need that little extra boost, your sun sign holds the secret!! Read the full article at HarpersBAZAAR.comRead More →

Planetary overview for May – April was a month of Planetary Retrograde, which made it a perfect time to tackle past or difficult situations, some of which would have prompted you to jump out for your comfort zone. This month, we still have transformational Pluto, karmic Saturn and beneficial Jupiter all retrograde, so you can still expect for a little reality to hit home, which can be a good thing. Mercury, the planet of commerce and communication, will come out of retrograde early in the month, on the third. Give it a few days to settle back into a direct motion and developments can takeRead More →

Whether a Seminar, Product Launch, Workshop, Birthday, or Party, Jennifer’s effervescent personality will have people enthralled with her engaging presence and knowledge. She delivers Thought-Provoking content that is both entertaining and inspirational. GUEST SPEAKER – EVENT ENTERTAINER – ASTROLOGICAL ROAST – LIFE COACH WORKSHOPS View Jennifer’s Talent Reel Visit Jennifer’s Event Booking Page.Read More →

APRIL PLANETARY Overview: March concluded with the Aries new Moon on the 27th, bright new energy to review, reset and kick start your goals for the second quarter. This month commences with Venus reentering Pisces in her retrograde transit, when love and all things relationship can be more harmonious. Mars and Pluto push you into action, but Saturn retrograde can cause delays. However, the energy does prompt you to tidy up loose ends. Venus will square Saturn, twice, giving you a chance to revisit love and/or money lessons. And as the Sun and Pluto also square, be careful of power-control battles. Mercury goes retrograde onRead More →

Making-up, Breaking-up or just Squabbling, Life Happens! And if you have some insight as to your partner’s, current or ex, sun Sign, it’s like having insider-information. And if you know their birth details, we can delve in their personal chart and I can let you know the best way to deal with them, communicate and act so you can get the best out of them and your relationship! Ok, so it does seem like an unfair advantage, but really, it’s just being smart, the more you know about someone, as well as yourself, the better you can communicate and get along. It just makes sense!Read More →

When should you speak from your heart and when should you edit your words? Of course, if you’re a Sagittarius, you will always speak from your heart, not to do so can cause you sleepless nights. Scorpio will be more calculated when sharing their thoughts. Gemini just loves to share everything they’re thinking, and Aries can be so rash that they leave a trail of verbal damage to clean up. But the answer to the question is, sincerity! As long as you are sincere and your intention is not to harm anyone, then it is up to you to make the decision of how much,Read More →

One of the things I really love about Astrology, as I often say to clients who book my private consulting reading sessions, is Astrology gives you permission to be who you are – I love that! And with no apologies! Life presents a series of lessons, and through relationships, and relationships on all levels, not just the romantic kind, certain situations and people’s characteristics are reflected and mirrored back to ourselves. And when we see repeated patterns happen in our lives, then that is a message that we need to look a little closer at the clues, what the message is trying to tell us.Read More →

I love the new Moon energy, particularly when it’s in Aries. There’s much excitement in the air. It’s a chance to start afresh with something in your life. For each sun sign it will reflect a different area of life and focus your attention on that area. And in your personal chart, which is found by your individual birth details, it will highlight specifically what is happening for you. The planetary interactions that reflect from this point in your chart/ life can provide the exact insights you need to know the best path to move forward. If you want to find out how this newRead More →

What an interesting time we are in as there’s certainly a lot of activity in the star chart that can push you out of your comfort zone to a new reality. Now this is easier for some signs to cope with than for others. Any change in life can be challenging, but as they say, it’s the challenges in life that provide us with the most growth and greatest benefit. It is a month to be patient and methodically make progress with anything you are working on. Be careful not to give up just when you are about to break though. Remember, when you areRead More →

WELCOME! I am so excited to launch my new site, and to start 2017 with a fresh new look and vibration, I hope you love it! If you’ve ever built a website, you’ll know it is a work in progress! I have built this site myself, with limited knowledge, so I am still working on it. However, I am aware, as many of you know, that my other site had a lot of issues, and so I wanted to get this up ASAP. The horoscopes, information on my personal reading sessions, as well as some articles are up, so for now, we are good to go! I have some greatRead More →