June 27, 2017 Daily BLOG. As Mercury the communicator squares expansive Jupiter, the energy can make everything seem more realistic. He also trines with Neptune, which can provide hope and optimism. So, with the combined energy of all these planets, there is a good balance of idealism and realism. If you can work through situations, or conversations with people, not being too rigid in your thinking or approach, a much better outcome can be birthed. Be patient, and as always, open minded and open hearted. Read your DAILY Horoscope Book a reading with JenniferRead More →

June 26, 2017 Daily BLOG Planetary Horoscope Report. Mars trines Neptune and opens your imagination, creativity and intuition. Then you are ready for action! These two energies are not similar. Mars is action oriented and go-getter physical, and Neptune is imaginative, creative and intuitive. So, in one way, they fight each other. But in the other way, they are complementary. If you can work them together it is a perfect balance for success. The challenge is, not to allow the Mars energy to force you forward before you have had time to mull things over, see how it feels and tune into your instincts. OnceRead More →

June 25, 2017 Daily BLOG Planetary Horoscope Report. Mercury, the planet of communication, is the Star this week. Get ready for some sensitive chit-chats. With three planetary aspects with Mercury, there is sure to be plenty of communication this week. Firstly, Mercury squares Jupiter, be careful of being unrealistic. Get ready to negotiate. Then Mercury conjuncts/connects with Mars. A message to think before you speak. But also, news can come with some level of urgency. And finally, Mercury opposes Pluto, which can mean you need to delve down deep to analyze what part you played in a situation. Be ready to have a deep andRead More →

June 24, 2017 Daily BLOG Planetary Horoscope Report. Venus trine Pluto ignites positive energy for love, money and transformation. This is an amazing connection, that can open doors for you to walk through on many levels. Firstly, finances are heightened, and if you adopt a positive attitude, this connection has a very strong power for manifestation. Think Big and delete and eliminate negative self-limiting thoughts. And of course, when Venus is involved, love is also in the picture. You can either meet someone you feel instantly connected to, or if in relationship, a deeper connection can be built now. Either way, expect to gain someRead More →

June 23, 2017 DAILY BLOG Planetary Horoscope Report. Sun and Moon in Cancer. New Moon energy helps you adopt an attitude of gratitude and focuses the attention on you and your family. As the Moon enters Cancer, the sign it rules, and connect/ conjuncts with the Sun, the combined energy sets off a vibration of hope, wonder and the promise of a new start in some way. The Moon in Cancer traditionally is all about family and those you are closest to. However, it is also very much about nurturing yourself, and sometimes this can be highlighted through what you need to heal between youRead More →

June 22, 2017 Daily BLOG PLANETARY Horoscope report. Sun and Mercury Connect in Cancer. The combined energy of these two forces in the nurturing water sign of Cancer, also a proactive cardinal sign, will open the door to have discussions you have perhaps been thinking about but putting off. Don’t hold back. And if it is a sensitive topic you need to approach, take extra time to think through what you want to achieve and how to go about it. Communication can solve just about anything. But there is an art to communication and it is not all just about talking, either. Tune into yourRead More →

June 21, 2017 Daily BLOG Planetary Horoscope Report. Sun moves to Cancer, the start of Summer (or Winter). At the same time, Mercury moves to Cancer and the two connect. As the Sun moves to Cancer signifying the Summer solstice (or winter), and as a connection with communication planet Mercury makes things more interesting, news can be on the way, or you can feel inclined to share your inner most feelings with someone. This is a good time to say how you feel – don’t hold back! Cancer is a sensitive and intuitive water sign and when you speak from your heart, your sincerity willRead More →

June 20, 2017 Daily BLOG Planetary Horoscope Report. Venus interacts with Neptune, romance is in the air, and with Mercury and Uranus energy, expect news. If life has been moving too slow for you, then stand by, that’s about to change. The Mercury Uranus energy can get things moving, and especially if you have been waiting for news to come through it can happen now. You may not have a lot of time to think about your next move, so get ready to move into action. At the same time, with the interaction between love planet Venus and the romantic energy of Neptune, love isRead More →

June 19, 2017 Daily BLOG Planetary Horoscope Report – The emotional energy of the Moon in Aries conjuncts /connects with Uranus, the planet of sudden developments. This can be an intense interaction, but it can serve to bring things to a head. It’s when emotions get involved that a situation can be brought to a conclusion. However, with the energy of Uranus and as both are situated in Aries, you need to be careful not to over react. The energy can be impulsive and even though it can be good in a way that it forces you to make a decision or come to aRead More →

June 18, 2017 Daily BLOG Planetary Horoscope Report for week ahead – Full Moon in Cancer focuses attention on home and family. The Sun and Mercury make a move to Cancer also, and a connection between Venus and Pluto highlights opportunities, with both love and money. This is a week of opportunity, however, be careful you don’t act too rashly. The interaction between Jupiter and Mars can make you feel that you are indestructible. Not true, you need to take responsibility of your decisions with careful and thorough thought. As the Sun moves to Cancer, it is the beginning of the Summer Solstice, (or winter,Read More →

June 17, 2017 Daily Planetary Horoscope Report – Sun sextile Uranus, presenting opportunities. And Mercury opposite Saturn, keeps discussion real. The Sun and Uranus connecting can be sign of an opportunity heading your way. However, as Uranus is involved, it’s likely you will not have much notice of what’s to come. In other words, expect the unexpected! Go about your day-to-day business but, as fabulous opportunities don’t cross your desk every day, be ready to move or change your schedule at a moment’s notice. At the same time, Mercury and Saturn oppose each other and this can highlight a decision that needs to be made.Read More →

June 16, 2017 Daily BLOG PLANETARY Planetary Horoscope Report – Neptune retrograde, a time of peaceful introspection and inspired thought. It will give you a chance to take stock and revisit your creative ideas with inspired thought, but this time, with more seriousness. The result can be more solid intentions, rather than pure dreaming. Your idealism can indeed start to form into realism during these next five months. This is also a great time to invest in your spiritual self and decide to do something that will increase your spiritual sense of self. Develop your intuition through meditation, vibrational music, or perhaps just take upRead More →

June 15, 2017 Daily BLOG Planetary Horoscope Report – Sun opposite Saturn makes any situation real and definite. The combined energy can set up a situation where those with a tendency to be stubborn, can enforce this trait. On the other hand, if you are willing to step out of the mud called your comfort zone, this interaction of planetary energy can challenge you do move forward with great willpower. If you have a goal and you set your sights on it, you can attain something of great value now, which of course, is different to each and every one of us. Look forward, notRead More →

June 14, 2017 Daily BLOG Planetary Horoscope Report – Communication planet Mercury squares with Neptune. Don’t take anything on face value; check the details, find the facts. The Neptune energy is light, bright and imaginative, fanciful energy that can make you feel a little lightheaded as well as lighthearted. Combine this energy with thinking planet Mercury, it can heighten your intuition and creativity. But as it is a square formation, which can present a challenge, it can cast a shadow of doubt over anything you need to gain clarity on. As such, this is not a time to make assumptions or judgements on anything youRead More →

June 13, 2017 Daily Planetary Horoscope Report – Mercury trines Jupiter. The door opens for constructive discussion to solve any situation amicably. As beneficial Planet Jupiter, the planet or good fortune, luck and abundance, is now out of retrograde the energy is upbeat and positive. And as Jupiter interacts with Mercury, the planet of communication, this makes it a good time to discuss options and opportunities. The energy also opens up the desire and option for study, education and learning. Mercury is the thinking planet of educational pursuits, creative energy, and Jupiter’s philosophical visionary energy can help you gain a greater understanding of anything youRead More →

June 12, 2017 Daily BLOG Planetary Horoscope Report – Moon in Capricorn, kicks of an interesting and exciting week. However, the Moon is squaring Uranus, so there is some caution. Things can get emotional, and as the Moon is in Aries, and with Aries and Capricorn both being cardinal signs, the temptation to act, and act rashly is there. Take a step back, count to ten, and think through any response you may have before doing or saying anything. Sometimes, a rash decision can work out, and sometimes, you have to act before the moment passes, but a rational decision is generally the best, asRead More →

June 11, 2017 Daily Planetary Horoscope Report – Read the Blog – Today’s Moon conjunct Pluto sets intense energy in place and kick starts this coming week for action! With three planetary interactions with Mercury this week, the planet of communication, there is room for discussion, negotiation, and also compromise. The star-chart shows opportunities can come from discussion, and opportunities that can be lasting, good for the long-term. However, there is also a warning to get the facts right. So, don’t pay too much attention to hearsay, and definitely avoid listening to gossip, you don’t want someone’s personal opinion to side track the facts. PayRead More →

June 10, 2017 Daily Horoscopes – Powerful Positive Planetary Activity still in progress as the Moon moves to Capricorn. Moon energy in the solid earth cardinal sign of Capricorn, helps you gather your thoughts, and put things in perspective. With so much movement, energy and activity over this past week, this weekend will be a good time to reevaluate where you are and what changes you want to make for the future. Even small changes can have a vast effect. Take one thought and one step at a time, and above all, with any movement, make sure you are heading in the direction of yourRead More →

June 09, 2017 Daily Planetary Horoscope Report – Read my daily blog! Full Moon. Jupiter out of retrograde. Moon Conjuncts Saturn. Powerful Shifting Energy! This is an amazing time, and a time when things can shift, but you have to be open to allow a shift to happen in your life. The full Moon in Sagittarius, means the Moon is in Sagittarius, the sign of freedom and optimism, and the Sun is opposite in Gemini, the sign of knowledge, creativity and communication. This full Moon, especially as Mercury, the planet of communication, is opposite as well, does open the door way to new adventures. However,Read More →

June 08, 2017 – Daily Planetary Horoscope Report – Moon interacts with Jupiter. Pay attention to your emotions. Don’t fight how you feel. As the Moon in adventurous Sagittarius trines with beneficial Jupiter in Libra, all is well in the world. Well almost, as the Moon also squares Neptune, which can place a great deal of confusion and even an overly optimistic cloud nine effect on what would otherwise be a very pleasant and even somewhat powerful day. But, there’s nothing wrong in being idealistic. When you start with your very best outcome in mind, then the inevitable compromises you make in the process ofRead More →

June 07, 2017 Horoscopes – Mercury, the planet of commence, creativity and communication, makes a move to Gemini, one of the signs it rules. Not only is the energy of Mercury very comfortable here, but it sharpens your ability to absorb and understand knowledge. There is an education and knowledge value to this placement. If you can take advantage of it by broadening your knowledge in some way, you can grasp new areas of information and awareness. It also enhances social gatherings and the ability to socialize and network, building friendships and unions with colleagues for both personal and professional pursuits. Read your Daily HoroscopeRead More →

June 06, 2017 Daily Planetary Horoscope Report – Loveable Venus moves to Romantic Taurus, one of the signs she rules. Ask the universe to send you true love and to make love permanent! As she is comfortable in this position, it is a great time to focus on your love life. However, this area of the star chart also relets to stability at home, in the form of where and how you live, not necessarily with family members. This is a beneficial time to do some housekeeping to clear the clutter at home and to do some home decorating. When you set about doing aRead More →

June 05, 2017 Daily Horoscope – Motivational Mars now in Cancer, focuses attention on home and family, and the domestic environment. But don’t be too rash with your decisions. Think through what you want to achieve and then set about making plans to smoothly put them into action. Mars is passionate energy so, when it concerns love, you can expect to spend more time at home with your honey, and for some, passionate on an intimate level. For those looking for love, then make sure you are clear about your home and family values. Know where you can compromise and where you’re not prepared toRead More →