Your Monthly Pet-Scopes

Keep a close eye on your furry best friend, it's a busy month! 

ARIES Pet-Scope
Your Aries pet is likely to be more of a home body during this month, so make sure their bed and safe hiding place is cozy and comfy. And as Venus moves to the sign of security, a new toy or blanket or something that makes them feel loved and pampered would be good.   

TAURUS Pet-Scope
Your Taurus pet can be possessive at the best of times, but this month, they can be a little needy and secretive, too. Watch where they hide their treats, toys and possessions, you could find them in the strangest of places.

GEMINI Pet-Scope
With Mercury making a move to Gemini, your pet can be extremely verbal this month, more so than usual, which means they’re trying to communicate with you. Listen carefully, as Gemini pets are clever and they will endeavor to let you know what they want. 

CANCER Pet-Scope
With an interaction between Mars and Pluto, don’t be surprised if your Cancer pet digs his or her paws in and stands their ground. They can be stubborn now and enter a stare down power play. Be strict! 

LEO Pet-Scope
Leo’s know how to negotiate and with your pet, it’s no different. If you want them to do something, then make sure you have their favorite treats on hand, or a toy for them to play with. They are motivated by encouragement and reward. 

VIRGO Pet-Scope
Virgo pets like interaction, they are curious and although they can sit back and enjoy the sunshine, they can get bored and then restless. However, this month, during paly time, they can be a little more assertive than usual, so you need to let them know who’s boss – you! 

LIBRA PetScope
Your Libra pet is busy, busy, busy this month. Between looking after themselves and attending to their daily routine, as well as making sure the family all get their fair share of Libra pet petting, their days can be exhausting. That’s why you see them lounging around all the other times - lol! 

Scorpio pets can be moody this month. One minute they are trying to get your attention, and in a demanding sorta way, and the next, they are all of and off in their own world. You may not have the time to cater to their demands exactly when they want it, but you may need to for your own peace of mind. 

Full Moon energy in Sagittarius can cause your pet to be more emotional than usual, which can make them seem naughty. This could simply be a cry for attention, and maybe they just really need a little more loving this month, so try to give it to them. 

This is a good month to put in some extra training for your Capricorn pet. Animals do best with they know who’s the boss and what they’re meant to do. And as Capricorn is strong minded, discipline and follow through is needed. They are good learners, so don’t give up too soon. 

Be careful you don’t say one thing and then turn your back and do another. Aquarian pets, this month, will really need you to follow through, otherwise they can walk all over you. And they may not want to do the same ole play routine. Keep it interesting and mix it up a bit with their schedule and toys.

PISCES Pet-Scope
Lovey-duvey Pisces can be very smoochy this month, but not with everyone, just those they know, love and trust. They can be lazy now, too, so they will want to do whatever they do in their own time and no on your time schedule. Give them plenty of cuddles and they will do anything for you.


See what your perfect pet is likely to get up to!

Aries PetScope
Venus in your Aries pets’ sign can make them more loving than usual but a little needy, too, so try to give them some extra petting time to ensure them they are loved and very much a part of the family. They can be more communicative now, so listen to their subtle signs of trying to tell you what they want.

Taurus PetScope
Help your Taurus pet get organized this month. When their bed and familiar safe place are clean and tidy, it will help to settle their energy, especially as the full Moon energy is right opposite their sign. This can Cause them to feel a little unsure of themselves and with the connections they have with others.

Gemini PetScope
Playful Gemini pets can play tricks on you this month, particularly as Mercury, their ruling planet, comes out of retrograde. And the new Moon in their sign puts a spring in their paw and wag in their tail. They can be a little more demanding of your time now, but in a nice way.

Cancer PetScope
You may think your Cancer pet can read your mind this month, and maybe they just can. This perceptive animal can be a little moody, but this month, they are likely to be there for you, at any time they sense you need a little extra emotional support. 

Leo PetScope
Leo pets will most likely want to play more this month and be open to socializing with other pets, or even family members. But as Leos have strong minds and are a fixed sign, it will be only when they want, so don’t try and force them.

Virgo PetScope
Most pets have a special way of communicating, and your Virgo pet can be more communicative than usual this month, so pay close attention. Whether it’s hiding their food or playing with toys, they can seem busy getting their ‘stuff’ organized, so be careful not to disturb them when they seem focused on their jobs. 

Libra PetScope
With Venus in Libra’s love zone, your Venus ruled Libra pet can be very smoochy this month. Make time for them, because if they don’t get their daily dose of full on attention they can become demanding. And with the energy of the full Moon in the sign next to them, they are likely to need more reassuring of how fabulous and important they are to you.

Scorpio PetScope
Full Moon energy in Scorpio this month can cause your pet to be a little erratic. So, pay close attention, it could be that they are just sensitive to the changeable lunar energy, but if in doubt of what a behavioral change means, then consider a vet visit.

Sagittarius PetScope
This month, your Sagittarian pet can get creative about trying to get their own way. There’s a time to be strict with your commands with your pet and a time for play, make time for both and they will appreciate it, and be better behaved for it.

Capricorn PetScope
Your Capricorn pet can appear to alter his or her attitude about his or her normal play or walk time. It might be they are not as interested in the same routine, and look for something different so think about switching their routine up a bit. If you’ve been thinking of introducing more grooming or health care in some way, this is a good month to do it.

Aquarius PetScope
Aquarians are creative creatures and as such can be unpredictable. When it’s about your pet, there is nothing routine about them. Therefore, you have to keep a close eye on them, particularly this month with the influence of the erratic full Moon energy. Don’t let them out of your sight, for too long.

Pisces PetScope
Pisces pets can be home bodies and this month even more so, so make sure their bed is comfy and cozy.  Ps. They love luxurious and furry fabrics!! They are likely to be more inquisitive than usual now, so consider a new toy or new treats to keep them occupied.


Don’t expect your Aries pet to behave normally this month. With so much going on in their sign they can be erratic, more so than usual. And with Mercury and Venus both retrograde, you will want to make your commands crystal clear. Repeat them and be firm.

With a connection, this month between Mars and Pluto, your Taurus pet may have his or her own idea of what they want to do, and stubbornly dig their paws in until they get their own way. They can push the boundaries no. Be careful of how much leeway you give as it can set an unhealthy precedence.

Listen carefully, as Gemini pets will want to get your attention this month. Geminis are good communicators at the best of times, but they can surprise you now in just how well they can communicate and how much they actually understand. All you have to do, is pay attention. 

Cancer pets are home bodies, and this month, with the full Moon in their home sector and the New Moon in their area of connecting with others, you can expect them to stay close. More smooches and more back rubs will be the order of the month, get ready for some pampering, and it will go both ways.

Keep a close eye on your Leo Pet this month as he or she may want to investigate new territory, so don’t let them out of your sight. With the Mars’ influence, they can also be a little more aggressive. So, you will have to be strict with your commands, for Leo particularly, you need to let them know who’s the boss.

This month, your Virgo Pet can switch between wanting to be in control to doubting him or herself. Hence, they can be a little scattered, but once you pay them some attention, it will stabilize their energy. Think about getting one of those systems where you can talk to your pet while you are away, it could give them a lot of comfort now. 

With the full Moon in your Libra pet’s sign don’t be surprised if they are more demanding than usual. However, there are a lot of planets and activity n their opposite sign, the sign of love and relationships, so if they do appear grumpy, it won’t be for long.   

Scorpio pets will need some alone time this month, so if they see like they are dreaming and chilling out, try not to disturb them. Intense energies can unbalance even Scorpio at times, so be watchful as to their moods and be there for them if they need an extra snuggle. 

Usually adventurous and active Sagittarius could have a different vibe about them this month with Saturn going retrograde. It could be that they want to slow down and be a quieter, less active. However, with any difference in a pet’s behavior, it is best to keep a close eye on them. If in doubt, seek advice from your vet.

Capricorn pets can be home bodies, and generally happy to sit around and wait their turn for food, affection, walks or anything else that is going on. And they can be deep in thought this month, and seem somewhat removed, but don’t be fooled, they still want to be involved in ALL the family goings on.

Aquarian pets are deep thinkers, and love to get lost in their mind, whether awake or asleep, but you may find this month they are very communicative, so pay attention to the subtle clues as to what they want. They can revert to old patterns now too, so be prepared to reinforce some training commands.

Pisces pets have a way of looking at you that can make you feel they’re connecting with you on a soul level. This will be very evident during April with the influence of both Moons, the new and full. And with Venus coming and going in their sign, and part of the time retrograde, at times they will not want to be apart and at other times, they will need their space.


MARCH PET Horoscope 2017

Animals can be unpredictable at the best of time and this month, with so much activity happening in the sign of Aries, their behavior can be erratic. Keep your eye on them. Don’t assume anything. This is a good month to reassess their wellbeing in terms of food and fitness. 

With the new Moon and Venus going retrograde this month, don’t be surprised if your Taurus pet starts hiding his or her food. You could find treats tucked away in all sorts of places, so just leave it there for them, if you can. They can share their affections now too, so don’t get upset if you are not their only favorite person right now, don’t worry, they still love you.

Gemini pet’s like to keep busy and this month even more. They can seem even more demanding of your time, and test your patience. And if you don’t have a lot of time available then make sure what time you do have to spend with them, is quality one on one time.   

The full Moon in your Cancer pet’s area of communication can have them being more communicative than usual. They can be relentless now in the away they try to get your attention. Watch their actions, listen to their little sounds and there’s a good change that you will understand what they are trying to tell you. 

Your Leo pet may need a little extra reassurance of their importance in the family this month. The full Moon in the sign next to theirs can make them feel a little vulnerable and even unloved. Take time to play, smooch and snuggle, whatever makes them feel part of the family. 

Full Moon energy in Virgo can have your usually calm and collected Virgo pet filled with anxiety and running around in circles, literally. Keep a good routine set in place. When they know what to expect and when, they can feel a lot more settled on a day-today basis. 

Your Libra pet may need a little more time alone this month. If they don’t want to be as interactive, of course, watch them closely as for any change of behavior but it could be the energy of the full Moon that sends them into a melancholy type mood.  Give them space, if they need it.

Scorpio pet’s can find creative ways to get what they want this month. They can be pretty cunning at the best of times, but their insistence and willpower can have you butting heads in a power play. Remember, you’re the boss, and all pets need to know who’s in charge.

Sagittarian pets are usually social creatures as they like the interaction between others, humans and animals. But they are also independent and this month, you will need to judge when they want to mix and mingle and when they just want to do their own thing.  They are likely to give you a clear message so watch for the signs. 

You can expect your Capricorn pet to be a home body this month. With so much activity in their home and family environment, they will be happy to be part of the family and just hang out. Make sure their bed and safe place/s are comfy for them.

Aquarian pets are smart, but a little unpredictable. Just when you think you have them worked out they can change their behavior. If it is something totally out of character, you always want to consider a vet visit, but they could be just playing games with you, mind games at that. 

Reassurance is the key word for your Pisces Pet this month. And if you can ensure that they are kept comfortable then that will put a wag in their tale, too. They love soft fabrics, anything they can snuggle into and loll around on all day, will definitely make you their very best most favorite person in the world.



ARIES PetScope
Aries’ pets can be more direct and forceful than usual this month, so prepare to be strict and firm with your commands.  They can be a little scattered, too, so don’t take any changes with them. If outside, keep the leash on.

If you take your Taurus pet out for walks, then let them mix and mingle with others – a little more socializing can put a wag in their tail. If home, pull back the curtains so they can have a view. They can be a bit more demanding of your time, so try to give them a little more loving. 

Gemini pets are inquisitive, and with this month’s solar eclipse, it will be good to keep them busy. Investigate toys that hide treats in them so they must hunt for them, or new educational toys that make them think. 

If your Cancer pet seems a little more needy than usual, wanting more of your attention as a matter of urgency, you can blame it on the Moon. They can just need a little more reassuring that they are still you very best friend – try to give it to them.

LEO PetScope
With the full Moon lunar eclipse in Leo, your Lion and Lioness pet can seem as if they want to take control but at the same time just want to roll over and be pampered. Remember, you are the boss and with strong spirited pets, you need to reinforce this.

VIRGO PetScope
The eclipse new Moon right opposite your Virgo Pets’ sign along with Venus the love goddess, can have them being more smoochy than usual. But remember, Moon energy can be erratic and changeable, which can cause the same in your pet, so pay attention to their behavior.

LIBRA PetScope
Your Libra pet is best on a routine, and with the influence of this month’s Moon energy, this is very relevant now. They also like to stay clean and fashionably furry, so build in a few more grooming or pet spa days.

If your Scorpio pet seems fussy with his or her food, it’s their way of saying they want to try something new. They can also be more concerned about their grooming.  And if you can keep them in a schedule, they will be happier if they know what they’re doing and when.

Sagittarius pets will want to take over the household this month. They can be more demanding than usual about what they want, who they want it with and when. And although this can be cute, you don’t want to allow behaviors that can be difficult to break.

Capricorn pets can be far more verbal this month than usual. They will have certain ways of trying to get your attention. Pay attention to their sounds, movements, body and facial expressions, all of which are signs and ways of them communicating with you.

Your usually confident Aquarian pet can be looking for some reassurance from you this month. Any behavior change in a pet should be take notice of in case something is wrong. However, right now it could be their way of wanting a sign that they are still loved as part of the family.

The eclipse new Moon in your Pisces pet’s sign can make them a little more impulsive and erratic, so keep a close eye on their behavior. One moment they can be happily day dreaming by the window or in their favorite safe place, and the next, excitedly jumping around. 

January 2017 PET Horoscopes

Aries Pet
Your Aries pet may not know what they want to do this month. Do they want to go out and play or do they just want to laze around? Most likely a bit of both. But you are the boss, you make the decisions, make sure they know that.

Taurus Pet
If you can teach your pet something new this month it will keep them occupied. Consider some educational toys. Don’t’ be surprised if they want to be closer than usual. Find time to give them some extra loving.

 Gemini Pet
If your Gemini pet seems a little unsure of him or herself this month, then give them some loving reassurance. The only thing they really want is to know they are still your best friend. If you have the space, make a few different cozy bed spots so they don’t get bored.

Cancer Pet
The full Moon in your Cancer pet’s sign can make them a little crazy mid-month. Keep a close eye on them. Don’t take any risks. And if they just want to sleep it off then that’s okay, too. But they are likely to be a little needy and love-bugs now.  

Leo Pet
If your Leo pet looks at you as if he or she can read what’s on your mind, they probably can. There is not much you can put over them now, so pay attention, as they can try to take over and try to be the top-dog in the family.

Virgo Pet
With Mars opposite your Virgo pet’s sign, they can be more demanding of your attention now. The more you resist the louder they get. They want you to know that they are an important member of the family, too.

Libra Pet
Libra pets will want to get on with their business this month. They have things to do. Sleep, eat, groom, play, pee. Let them attend to their routine and then they will be all yours with open paws and squeaky whines 

Scorpio Pet
Be careful you don’t let your Scorpio pet get involved with power play this month. They can be stubborn when they want. Remember, Scorpio is a fixed sign. Be attentive, loving, but firm. When you say a command, follow through. Otherwise they can walk all over you, literally!

Sagittarius Pet
Your usually restless Sagittarian pet will want to settle into a comfy home environment this month. But that doesn’t mean they will sit still. However, they may be calmer if you make sure their bed is extra soft and luxurious.

Capricorn Pet
Its’ all eyes on Capricorn pets this month. And if you’re not paying attention to them, they will let you know. After all, it is their birthday month. They will try and communicate more with you, and all you have to do is watch and listen.

Aquarius Pet
Your Aquarian pet can be a bit moody and broody this month, so do something to get them out of the doldrums. And if you see them sneaking off with something in their mouth, they can be secretly hiding their food. Stockpiling for later.

Pisces Pet
With Venus and Mars in Pisces, your Pisces pet can be dreamy one minute and demanding the next. But when they look at you with those intense eyes, all is forgiving. Their behavior can be a little erratic now. Watch them carefully, and don’t assume anything.