PISCES Love and Life


Ever wondered how you, your lover, friend or family SunSigns go about their everyday life, from nitpicking to cleaning the toilet?
Here’s a lighthearted view - prepare to laugh at yourself! 

More to come.. come back soon! 

Astro Lover Break-Up

Aries               When it’s over it’s over, I don’t look back.
Taurus           There’s no way I’ll apologize, so forget it.
Gemini           Of course I’m nice, but I’ll bitch behind your back.
Cancer           The iron door shuts; I’m the ice-madam or man.
Leo                 It was only a little affair; it didn’t mean anything.
Virgo              If you were perfect I wouldn’t have to be so critical.
Libra               The best part of breaking up is making up.
Scorpio          I’ll manipulate making-up to ruthlessly break-up.
Sagittarius     Instead of being honest, it’s tinged with rudeness.
Capricorn      Stay tuned for the next cutting letter or email.
Aquarius        Don’t be sensitive, I’m the master of sarcasm.
Pisces            I don’t want you, but I’ll keep my options open.

Astro Couch Potato 

Aries               I watch 2 shows at once, that’s what adverts are for.
Taurus           Munchies; gourmet pizza, chocolate, and martini.
Gemini           History or discovery TV, and I will talk if I want to.
Cancer           Solitude time: go away, don’t bother me, and don’t call.
Leo                 The more the merrier, we’re having a movie matinee.
Virgo              Get your feet off the couch. Did that crisp fall on the floor?
Libra               Life balance; relax, chill out, just what I need!
Scorpio          Come over here you gorgeous handsome thing!
Sagittarius     Relax? Let’s do the relax thing with some friends.
Capricorn      I get the TV control and it’s not negotiable.
Aquarius        How about a game of scrabble or trivia.
Pisces          Let’s snuggle up together; who cares what’s on TV.

Astro Leave Early Excuse

Aries               I’m on flexi-time, I started early!
Taurus           A business meeting (in the Hamptons)!
Gemini           Transport is on strike today, isn’t it?
Cancer           Sorry, my kids are sick, it’s time to leave.
Leo                 I’m at a business lunch, I won’t be back.
Virgo              Buying office supplies on my way home.
Libra               It’s my turn to cash in on favors.
Scorpio          Don’t messes with me; I’ll go if I want.
Sagittarius     I’m working from home, with fewer distractions.
Capricorn      I don’t need an excuse; I’m the boss.
Aquarius        I’m in a bad mood, nobody wants me around.
Pisces             Off to my self-improvement course, at the hotel!

Astro Money Matters

Aries               I love those get-rich-quick schemes, some of them work!
Taurus           Money: I need it, so if I can’t earn it, I’ll marry it.
Gemini           You can’t take it with you, so you may as well enjoy it.
Cancer           I can intuitively predict just what to invest in.
Leo               Spend, save and live well; that’s my golden rule!
Virgo              Security; with money in the bank, I sleep better.
Libra               The more I value myself, the more I’m worth.
Scorpio          My money’s hidden; I’m not telling you, it’s a secret.
Sagittarius     Money comes when I need it; I’m lucky like that.
Capricorn      I’m in control: independent and financially secure.
Aquarius        The more money I have, the more life options I have.
Pisces             I make wise investments to support expensive habits.

Astro  Paranoia

Aries               Forgetting the keys and locking myself out.
Taurus           Losing all my money on investments.
Gemini           Not having anyone to play scrabble with.
Cancer           Heights, I like to my feet firmly on the ground.
Leo                 Failing in society and loosing respect of my peeps.
Virgo              A germ phobic, obsessed with hand washing.
Libra               Can’t stand spiders and creepy crawly things.
Scorpio          Loosing my virginity, no, I mean not losing it.
Sagittarius     Not being able to fly, with the threat of terrorism.
Capricorn      Can’t stand being out of control; too vulnerable.
Aquarius        I’d hate to lose my mind; I couldn’t stand that.
Pisces             Seeing life as it is, day-dreaming keeps me sane.

Astro Nitpicking

Aries               If I don’t like something, anything, you’ll hear about it.
Taurus           Indulgent spending is not in the budget.
Gemini           I’m done with talking about you, what about me.
Cancer           No more nit-picking, 2 strikes and you’re out.
Leo                 You have to be presentable to be on my arm.
Virgo              Put the seat down and the cap on the toothpaste.
Libra               Sloppy dresser, bad grooming or killer breath.
Scorpio          Don’t keep me waiting or you’ll be in trouble.
Sagittarius     Get a life; be an individual, I’m not your parent.
Capricorn      I can’t stand lazy people who can’t help themselves.
Aquarius        If I’m in a contrary mood, everything’s annoying.
Pisces             I don’t mean it, but I can find your most vulnerable point.

Astro Toilet

Aries               It’s clean. How much time do you want me to spend!
Taurus           It’s the latest most expensive model in home beautiful.
Gemini           Gel, cream, brush, sponge; all these products for one job?
Cancer           Don’t do it for me, how will I know it’s clean, I’ll do it thanks.
Leo                 Me, clean, you can’t be serious? It’s the maid’s job.
Virgo              Gloves, apron, and facemask: it’s contagious in there?
Libra               Still in the supermarket - so many products to choose.
Scorpio          What’s all the fuss about? Just clean it and get on with it.
Sagittarius     Details! Keep traveling, and you don’t have to worry about it.
Capricorn      It’s scheduled for Saturday 10.00, otherwise, do it yourself.
Aquarius        Move into the 21st century - this model is self-cleaning.
Pisces.           Isn’t it clean? I dreamt that someone else cleaned it!

Astro Lettuce

Aries              A good ole Greek salad, it has something for everyone.
Taurus          Wedge of Iceberg: The gourmet type, blue cheese dressing.
Gemini          Keep it interesting, add everything so it looks less like a salad.
Cancer           I make my own, can’t trust anyone else to wash the lettuce?
Leo               Chef’s salad: The one with everything, forget the expense!
Virgo            Hold the onions and olives and put the dressing on the side.
Libra             Let’s get 2 salads, different lettuce and we can share them.
Scorpio         Add some oysters with the lettuce, they’re an aphrodisiac.
Sagittarius   One of those fat free, carb free, protein type salads.
Capricorn      Traditional Caesar, my favorite restaurant makes it to order.
Aquarius       Organic everything, otherwise salad is not salad, is it?
Pisces            Chopped salad, it’s cosmopolitan and easy to eat.  

Astro Vice

Aries               I hate stupid people; I can't help it, that's my manner
Taurus           Food; stop right now! I've got to eat or I get very irritable!
Gemini           Pleeease let me talk to someone, I'm having withdrawals
Cancer           My home’s perfect. Well, it was before you moved everything.
Leo                 I’m not a quite achiever? If you've got it, flaunt it.
Virgo              I'm a neat freak. Wash your hands before touching that.
Libra               Look, if you’re going to argue all the time you can leave.
Scorpio          They call me the zodiac sex siren? He (or she) is hot, got to go!
Sagittarius     Don't talk to me about trivia, say something intelligent.
Capricorn      There's business to do, money to make. Wait your turn.
Aquarius        People are more important than things... aren't they?
Pisces             Daydreaming. It's how I get inspired about life!

Astro Subway

Aries               I’m running late; get out of my way, now!
Taurus           Leave me alone, I’m reading the paper.
Gemini           Who needs to sit, I’ll just stand.
Cancer           Don’t touch me and don’t look at me.
Leo                 Do you have premium seating?
Virgo              Did you just see what that person did?
Libra               Yuck, how filthy is that.
Scorpio          I like to people watch.
Sagittarius     I’d rather not; I think I’ll walk.
Capricorn      I’m minding my own business.
Aquarius        Lets just get to where we’re going.
Pisces             You can meet people anywhere.



Jennifer Angel © 2005