Psychic Astrology Email One-Question

One Question Email Reading

Do you just have one question burning in the back on your mind, or heart?

Jennifer uses a combination of Astrology, her Psychic ability and Tarot or Diving cards, wahtever she feels at the time is required, to give you an answer to your question.

Please make your question as direct as possible. Do give me some information, but not too much.

I read off names of people (first name is ok) and companies, as well as situations, so be sure to list specific names. You can also send photos. Please provide your Sun Sign and the Sign of others you are enquiring about.

Once I receive your booking, if I need further information I will contact you.

The reading will be returned in the form of either an email or recording and sometimes, a combination of both.

The return time for an email question is 48 hours, and often sooner.

The cost is $35

Many thanks, best wishes and love and luck to you!

Jennifer xx

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