Psychic Astrology Reading

Need guidance, have a question, and want to know what's coming up in your life?

This is not a full chart analysis session nor full forecast reading, however, Jennifer will look at the main governing energies of your chart and planetary transits in combination with clairvoyantly answering your questions.

How often can you book this session?
This session can be booked regularly, either for 60 or 30 minutes. If you have a certain situation you are work with, then once you move forward with what is happening in your life, and you have a new development, then you can return for another session.

However, if you are booking monthly, then take a look at the Monthly Astrology Life-Coaching session. When you book Monthly, together, we look at what comes up for you and work through how best to negotiate issues and opportunities to achieve what you want. The monthly sessions keep you on track as well as providing Psychic Astrology guidance to give you heads up as to how you can better handle what going on in your life. We set plans and conscious action points so you head in the direction your dreams and goals.

A recording of the session is provided.

This session can be booked regularly throughout the year. It is also a good follow-up session from a chart or forecast reading.

60-Min $200. Repeat Client $179
30-Min $100. Repeat Client $  89
60 MIN 3-pack Special $495

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