Your 2017 Year Ahead Horoscopes


2017, I really believe will be such an inspiring year for all of us, in one way or another. I can't wait to see what it has in store for each and every one of us.

Thank you for your patience and support, I so very much appreciate it! Love and luck to you and best wishes for an awesome 2017! Thank you. Jennifer xx
ARIES 2017
Get ready for action! This is a big year for you, Aries, for both love and business. There are moments of absolute surprise. Be ready for anything and prepare to change, move or alter your life at a moment’s notice. It’s as if the energy of the year sweeps you away. Stay focused on your highest priority to ensure you don’t go off on tangents.

Personal: Venus moves to your sign in February to join Mars and can spark a romantic moment filed with passion that can be difficult to ignore. Due to Venus’ retrograde transit, she will stay in your sign for an extended period early in the year, which gives you an opportunity to do some housekeeping with relationships. The beneficial energy of Jupiter in your love zone right through to early October is well positioned for you to either meet someone wonderful or advance your relationship, in some way. There are love hot spots in July, September and November, when Venus and Jupiter interact. The solar eclipse in August can connect you with someone special, and be the start of something amazing. This year, to invite a romantic relationship into your life it’s important to make time for love, which means adopting a work life balance schedule.

Professional: For business advancement, the connections you’ve made over the years are important now. Don’t be too laid back about asking for assistance. An introduction from someone influential can lead you in the right direction for success. There are opportunities to advance financially, particularly around April, but also a temptation to spend. Be careful not to be too rash with money or business decisions. Build in thinking time before you do or say anything – timing with communication is crucial. By the end of this year, your horoscope indicates that you will be in a more secure position with your career and business prospects.

Greatest asset: Look your best. Play the role of who you want to be and exude that power. Biggest challenge: Play the chess game of life. Don’t force anything, work one step at a time. Positive affirmation: Success comes to me - I never give up! Spiritual advancement: You can learn from past lessons now and put them behind you.

Summing up: Your instincts are sharp, make sure you pay attention to them. Your love life can be more than you ever thought possible. Career opportunities are in the stars, but be prepared to put in the hard work and long hours for the pay off.  Be smart with money. If you can learn from your past experiences and not repeat the lessons of life, you will experience real personal growth and evolvement. If you want to know how the planets will affect you personally for 2017, book an astrology prediction session with Jennifer

Your star shines brightly this year, stand up and be noticed! Looking after yourself and being the most fabulous person you can be is high on the agenda. The happier you are with your personal image, the more confidence you have. And the more empowered you will feel to achieve anything on your wish list.

Personal: Get ready for romance. Many of you can find true love in 2017, and some of you will move your relationship to the next stage.  Jupiter, the planet of abundance and expansion, moves to your love zone later in the year. With advantageous connections between Jupiter, the Sun, Mercury and Venus, your ruling planet, love is very much in focus. And with the influence of eclipses in August, for some, it can be the start of new families or a family addition. A move of residence is also in the stars and could very well coincide with an opportunity at work. Early in the year, be careful of keeping secrets. If you have something you would rather not share, beware as it can come out now. If so, it may be best that you are the one doing the revealing, not someone else.

Professional: Your career gets a boost of energy mid-year with the energy of the lunar eclipse, which can bring things to a head in a way that allows you to make positive changes. Opportunities can come through, and although any movement in a Taurus’ life can be unsettling, it is necessary to move you on and upwards. If your schedule changes, go with the flow and see how things settle before passing judgement, it may work out better for you. An opportunity to increase your bank balance can present itself, but you may not have a lot of time to think about it. Be prepared think on your feet. But don’t go ahead with anything that doesn’t ‘feel’ right. With money, this is a year to build security, not take unnecessary risks.

Greatest asset: Supportive friends can encourage you to be your best self. Biggest challenge: To achieve work, life and love balance. Positive affirmation: I am grateful. I have everything I need and nothing is missing. Spiritual advancement: The more you know and accept yourself, the safer you feel.

Summing up: Your personal appearance can empower you this year. Your love life is dynamic, as is family, yours and extended family. Career promotion or change can build security. Step into your own personal power and prepare to step out of your comfort zone. If you want to know how the planets will affect you personally for 2017, book an astrology prediction session with Jennifer

Connections are important. The contacts you’ve made over the years and those you make this year can put the wind in your sails and take you all the way to the top! You are a master communicator, and it’s time for you to step forward to be heard, loud and clear.

Personal: Love and romance is a serious matter this year and relationships of stability and substance will win over those of a more superficial and shallow nature. A good friendship is the basis of a solid romantic union and is not to be taken lightly. Following these guide lines, you can meet someone you feel a soul connection with. This year, it is possible to be in the right place at the right time to connect with like-minded people. Someone simply wonderful can walk right into your life, and it can happen when you least expect it.  When this takes place in your life, magic can happen, so if you are looking for love, never give up hope.

Professional: Powerful eclipse energy provides a boost to your career. A creative project of your heart, something you will love to be involved with, can get the green light. But don’t be too impatient. The energy of life has a natural ebb and flow, and in 2017 it seems that fate play his hand in what happens next. Try to get out of your own way so you can let things happen. Opportunity can come out of the blue and through a friend or colleague. This will highlight how crucial your contacts are, and a reminder of the important and influential role they play in your life. You have options to do business with family members, however, when it’s about money, it’s wise to follow a business protocol. Later in the year, your career dreams can come true. You can see that all the hard work, some frustration, and a lot of juggling with your time will have been well spent.

Greatest asset: An ability to get your point across in a common-sense way that makes sense. Biggest challenge: To be patient and let life unfold, as it is meant to. Positive affirmation: When I compromise, the give and take of life puts me where I need to be. Spiritual advancement: As realizations hit you, your attitude changes. There’s no turning back.

Summing up: Your contacts are invaluable this year. An attitude of gratitude for those around you opens the doorway for much good to come your way. Relationships of sincerity head your way and can gain and keep your attention. A business venture, career or a change at work, can provide a great deal of satisfaction. Dreams can come true! If you want to know how the planets will affect you personally for 2017, book an astrology prediction session with Jennifer

Think long-term, Cancer. Security in life is important this year, and the eclipse energy can help you make changes that allow you to feel more settled. Your home base is always important, and this year, you can feel more connected to those you care about, both a love-mate and family members.

Personal: You can expect to have deep and meaningful discussions with the special people in your life during 2017, which will build closer bonds. It can also reveal a greater level of knowledge about them and yourself that encourages you to grown as a person on a deeper soul level. By the end of this year, and over the next few years, your life and relationship/s can become more stable and settled. With the combined influences of Jupiter, Venus, the Sun and Mercury, you can find a connection with someone of a romantic nature that can outlast the distance of time. This year, it’s important and powerful for you to say how you feel, but to also be prepared to make compromises.

Professional: Routine is needed in your life to achieve your dreams and everything on your list of goals this year. And for advancement at work or with business matters, you will need to carefully take note of past lessons, in order not to repeat them. People or situations from the past can appear to test you in some way, so be aware of similar situations that show up. There can be an opportunity to work with someone on a creative level, which can be profitable. Your bank balance can increase, but it is very much tied into your attitude about money and how deserving you feel of attracting or manifesting what you want in life. Spend time learning how to release limiting beliefs and attitudes that do nothing more than keep you stuck.

Greatest asset: To work at breaking down limiting barriers and emotional blocks. Biggest challenge: To be true to yourself and your values, without eliminating others. Positive affirmation: I open my heart to love and to be loved. Spiritual advancement: An enquiring mind digs deeper into the path of soul-self-knowledge.

Summing up: people can come and go from your life this year, with the right people staying and the wrong people being removed in some way. Your love life can become more permanent, or you gain clarity as to what you want and need. Business can suddenly change, leading you to a better place. And as you deal with and come to terms with past lessons, your finances can get a boost. It’s a year of growth, where the people around you play a significant role. If you want to know how the planets will affect you personally for 2017, book an astrology prediction session with Jennifer

LEO 2017
This a dynamic and advantageous year for you! Eclipse energy in and opposite your sign in 2017 make it a time of new beginnings. And as Jupiter moves to your area of home and family area of life later in the year, there are personal opportunities to enrich your life.

Personal: Your love life gets a hit of potent eclipse energy. If you’re single, then this certainly can be the year you meet someone fabulous who can fit right into your lifestyle. Make sure you check emotional baggage at the door, though, as you don’t want to take in past love lessons to a new relationship. You have a chance to have a fresh start now; don’t blemished it with the past. If you are in a relationship that is not working, then you can decide to walk away this year, if so, don’t look back and have no regrets. And if you are happily in love with your perfect partner, then you get a chance to strengthen your commitment by overcoming any niggling irritations and clearing the air to move forward with a new and brighter vibration between you. Your family life is always important, but will be more so during and after October.

Professional: With your career and business, what you do this year will build solid foundations for the future. Working with others, either in partnership or a team environment can bring success, the type of success that can provide financial security and abundance. This is a year for collaboration with others where you can aim for win-win outcomes. Beware of power struggles with authority and avoid them, if you can. There’s generally another way to move forward and achieve your goal, find it and take it. Be careful not to rash decisions that are solely made by yourself – it is wise to consult advice from someone you trust and respect. This year, for success, it is important to set yourself positive habits that stem from disciplined routines. The more organized you are, the more in control you will be of your purpose and goals in life.

Greatest asset: An ability to connect with people. Your attitude and presence is inspiring. Biggest challenge: To be still and be mindful to combine your logic and intuitive senses. Positive affirmation: When we work together nothing is impossible. Spiritual advancement: Teachers who are wiser and more soulful can broaden your horizon.

Summing up: Solar eclipse energy can propel you into the success zone this year, and provide you with the new beginning and inspiration to put it into action that you’ve been waiting for. Be strategic, stay focused and work with others to for win-win outcomes and you will be on your way to the winning circle!  If you want to know how the planets will affect you personally for 2017, book an astrology prediction session with Jennifer

VIRGO 2017
There is a whirlwind of activity around you this year! It is exciting, empowering and can be life changing. Try not to get too caught up in the how and why. You will want to plan for the future, but live every day in the here and now. You are attuned to the power of the universe when you are engulfed in the potency of life as it happens.

Personal: Solar eclipse energy can refresh or revive your relationship/s in 2017. If you have been in a romantic partnership for a while, then it’s time to breathe new life into your life together. Soul searching, as in sharing your thoughts and feelings, will bring you closer together. If you are on the single scene, it is possible this year to find someone with whom you share common values and interests. Someone you have a strong intellectual connection with and share similar goals. It’s important to look after yourself always, but this year, your overall wellbeing can become important around midyear. Start a new positive regime, which can keep you looking and feeling fabulous and you will feel empowered to achieve anything your heart desires.

Professional: A career opportunity, promotion or additional work that can boost your bank balance can come your way, but you may not have time to do your normal level of research and consideration, so be prepared to think on your feet. A new venture or creative project that has the attention of your heart and soul can get the green light after October. It can provide a great deal of satisfaction with fulfillment of achievements as well as financial reward. Your talents can be recognized and appreciated this year, too. You can be acknowledged for the contribution you make, especially from an experience and intellectual point of view. Stand up and take the kudos, rather than avoid the limelight.

Greatest asset: To recognize what you need to do on a mind body and spirit level, for success. Biggest challenge: To freely let go of anything no longer suitable or working well for you. Positive affirmation: I am open to new beginnings and embrace the excitement of change. Spiritual advancement: When you are grateful for what you have in the moment, magic can happen.

Summing up: Eclipse energy focuses your attention on love and relationships. With work, your creativity can send you right to the middle of center stage. It’s time to let the world know who you are and what you have to offer, this is not a time to be small. Stand in the light of your own brilliance. If you want to know how the planets will affect you personally for 2017, book an astrology prediction session with Jennifer

LIBRA 2017
This is a year of opportunity! However, when life presents different options to consider, inevitably they come with some type of life change to incorporate. You have a chance to step into the circle of your own power this year. Venus, Mars and the energy of a solar eclipse all encourage you to update your peroneal image, too, so you reflect a new powerful and positive you.

Personal: If you have not already had a surprise love moment then this is the year for it. However, with Venus in your love zone retrograde through March and the first half of April, if you have a past love lesson that hasn’t been dealt with, you get another chance to clear the air. Plans can be delayed during this time, too, so be patient. Friendships take on a special importance in 2017, and new friends can come into your life now, people who will play significant roles over the next years. There is a warning not to be possessive and to let others be themselves as they allow you to be yourself. By the of the year, your home and family affairs are more in your focus and some of you will consider a move of residence.

Professional:  You are entering a new phase, which can change how you do things, as well as when and where. Be open to adopting a different day-to-day schedule, even if it is disruptive at first, as it can lead you on a path of discovery that can reveal other options to consider. The last quarter of the year, with the combined energy of Jupiter, Venus, the Sun and Mercury, all your hard work can pay off with a great deal of personal satisfaction and monetary reward. Make sure your heart and mind are both open to receive what the universe has in store for you this year. The first half of the year is a time to deal with and work on your self-development, and in particular, self-worth or self-esteem issues that could be blogging your progress. This year, you can break through the glass keeling of limitation and make giant strides ahead, but it’s up to you to put the effort in.

Greatest asset: Jupiter gives you a can-do positive attitude. You can overcome anything. Biggest challenge: Not to underestimate what you bring to the table in life. Positive affirmation:  I am worthy and ready to achieve my goals and desires in life. Spiritual advancement: When you know and accept who you are, with no apologies, your light shines brightly.

Summing up: This is a year to believe in believe in yourself, who you are and what you offer the world. Don’t succumb to self-doubt, self-administered or from any other source. Your connections are important. Be disciplined to your work schedule stay focused is an important ingredient to get ahead. You can push through and make a huge difference in your level of personal and material security in 2017,sw with both work and love, but be prepared for change.  If you want to know how the planets will affect you personally for 2017, book an astrology prediction session with Jennifer

This is a powerful year for Scorpio! By the time you reach October, a lot of developments will have happened, more than you think possible. Mostly, you have more clarity about yourself, as the people around you act as teachers to test, support and encourage you. During October, as Jupiter moves to your Sign, and connects with the Sun, Venus, and Mercury, all at one time or other, the energy propels you into a new place with great opportunity, growth and abundance.

Personal: Your love and romantic instincts are heighted, setting up a pathway for the energy of love to make its way to you. Your passion for life shows through in your love life, with every fiber in your body being alive and pulsating with energy. With Jupiter sitting in the sign before yours through to October, you connect with people, either by chance or design, who play a part in helping you develop spiritually. As this takes place, your relationships become deeper and more attached at a heart level.  Midyear, development around your domestic area of life prompt you to come to terms with certain situations, while new doors open for you to consider and perhaps walk through.

Professional: A momentum builds around money. You can rebuild or restructure your finances in some way. Past or even karmic issues with money come full circle this year. Debts can be paid, not always with money, but can be in some other form or significant way. The solar eclipse energy midyear opens the door for new development at work, a fresh start or a new opportunity altogether to consider.  People can suddenly appear in your life who provide the chance for growth and expansion. And by the time you reach the end of the year, you can be considering a creative project or process that will take you into the future on solid ground.

Greatest asset: The ability to step out of your comfort zone and face life’s challenges head on. Biggest challenge: As you struggle to let go of control, your heart center opens to love. Positive affirmation: I allow the process of life to take place, just as it is. Spiritual advancement: The co-incidences of life lead you on a path of self-discovery.

Summing up: In many ways, it’s a year of restructure, but one that brings much joy, satisfaction and personal growth. There is a lot of excitement around Scorpio in 2017. In some way, you will let go of the control and power that keeps you tightly wound, but it in the process, it will be replaced with a feeling of peace that all is well in your world. If you want to know how the planets will affect you personally for 2017, book an astrology prediction session with Jennifer

This is a year of inspiration. You can feel inspired to get in touch with your soul purpose, dreams and goals, and make them a reality. Opportunities can come though people you know, either friends or colleagues both of a personal and professional nature. What takes place this year will set solid foundations to move forward on.

Personal: Life will support and challenge you this year. There are opportunities to get to know your partner on a deeper level now. As you allow yourself to be more open about your own inner-feelings, the people you open up to can do the same. If single, it’s important to be true to you, even though there are always compromises to make in any relationship. However, this year you can connect with someone who allows you to shine and not dim your light. As Jupiter sits in a social area of your chart, it’s an indication that a relationship based on true friendship will give you a great deal of satisfaction. Later in the year, Jupiter will move to the sign before yours, giving you a chance to align with people who are more spiritually inclined. The solar eclipse in your family zone indicates a fresh start, a new beginning in some way. Money matters relating to your home affairs can be challenging at the start of the year, but quickly clear making way for a very happy occasion to take place, so keep a positive outlook.

Professional: Business-minded planet Saturn in your sign for all of this year gives you a chance to do some housekeeping. It’s a year of sensible thinking with your career, and a chance to clear out the old to allow the new to take place.  It’s also a year of hard work where you can set solid foundations for the future. Beware of past lessons, if you can recognize them, then you won’t repeat them. Connections are important and with the influence of Jupiter in your chart, social engagements can introduce you to some influential and beneficial people. By October, when Jupiter moves to the sign before yours, and Venus and Mars connect in your career zone, something amazing can take place that fulfills a dream of your heart and soul. Stay positive, life is a journey and you are on the road to success.

Greatest asset: The ability to speak your truth, while accepting the truth of others. Biggest challenge: To discard or part company with people and situations no longer of value. Positive affirmation: I open to the whispers and guidance of my inner voice. Spiritual advancement: When you follow your heart, life presents greatness you.

Summing up: This is a year of limitlessness for you, Sagittarius. You can step into your power by walking your own truth, while not stepping on the toes of others.  Electric moments with love can take you by surprise, and the sheer adventure of life, mixed with the responsibility of setting solid roots can be both exciting and reassuring. If you want to know how the planets will affect you personally for 2017, book an astrology prediction session with Jennifer

Stand by for action, Capricorn! Life may have changed over the past year. You learned a lot about yourself, added additional skills to your portfolio, and reassessed where you want to, or need to, make changes. This year, it’s time for that change. Opportunities and doors can open for you now, and it’s your mission to be courageous enough to walk through them. What happens this year, with Saturn sitting in the sign before yours, ignites soul searching and the strength of character to change your life, like never before.

Personal: Home and family affairs, for a Capricorn, play a big part in your life, and this year, situations can take you by surprise, in a good way. On the romantic front, if single, you can meet someone you have an electric connection with who you can also engage in an intellectual discussion. From October, and through 2018, you can meet people who invite you into their world, and take you a step higher up the ladder of life, a step where you can have an influence on those around you. This is also a hot love time in your star chart, where you can meet someone of a soul-mate nature. If you are already in the arms of your perfect partner, October is a time when you can advance your relationship in some way. Leading up to this time, your love values can readjust, opening you to compromise and a deeper understanding of yourself and others.

Professional: Abundant planet Jupiter sits in your career zone right through to early October, and as such, can present opportunities for you to step into greatness. However, it is up to you as the mountain goat whether you want to graze at the bottom of the mountain or aim for the top. Either is ok, as there are rewards for you this year at any level. From October, when Jupiter moves to the next sign, the people you meet and mix with will give you a substantial helping hand in making your dreams a reality. Money frees up this year, but be patient, it is a journey and the momentum builds through the year. Midyear, there can be a rearranging of funds and how you deal with money. A door can close so another one can open. Collaboration with others can substantially boost your cash flow around this time.

Greatest asset: To have the courage to recognize and capitalize on opportunities. Biggest challenge: To work smarter not harder so you move up the ladder of success effortlessly. Positive affirmation: I embrace change and I am open to accepting the gifts life presents me.  Spiritual advancement: When you let go of limiting belief systems you open to all the universal energy has to offer.

Summing up: It’s a time to reach for the stars and never give up on your dreams. Stay focused on what you want to achieve and you can have it all this year, Capricorn. But don’t be in too much of a hurry. Life has a way of working-out, as it should, just when the time is right. If you want to know how the planets will affect you personally for 2017, book an astrology prediction session with Jennifer

This year’s eclipse energy, both solar and lunar in and opposite your sign have a strong influence on your sign. This is a game changer year for you, Aquarius, and one of excitement, change and challenge. You can step into the light now and be in a very different place by the end of the year. However, to do so, some things people and situations will depart your life to make room for the new. 

Personal: As Venus goes retrograde earlier in the year, your communications and the way you approach people will be important. You will have a chance to set past issues right, if you had a misunderstanding with someone.  August is a big month for you. The lunar eclipse in your sign early can provide the energy for a turning point where you decide to change your life, attitude or both, which will open the door for brilliant new situations to take place. The powerful solar eclipse energy in your area of relationships make it possible to either meet someone new and fabulous who you just click with or enhance the relationship you are in.  The combined energy of Venus and Mars, help s you stay balanced, and it’s important to have relationships that are an equality, a give and take exchange so you can keep the balance between you in order.

Professional: With the help of the solar eclipse energy, your financial status can change this year, and as it does, it provides well-needed security to your lifestyle. Opportunities can come through for your consideration and you can lay the ground work now to build a secure future. By the time Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion, enters your career zone in October, you can be in good position to make changes that will put you on the map in your career and business life. Connections and contacts, you have built over time can be beneficial now, however, it is up to you to reach out and ask for assistance. Karma can play a part in your life this year, with you being the recipient of support from others.

Greatest asset: To adopt to change and move forward in a different direction. Biggest challenge: To deal with the past so you don’t take old energetic vibrations into the future. Positive affirmation: I am now open to receive whatever I need at the time, spiritual or material support. Spiritual advancement: Different cultures can broaden you mind and horizons.

Summing up: This is a progressive year for you, Aquarius, however at times you can feel like you are taking two steps forward and one back, but when you look back at the end of the year, you will realize how much progress you have made. Your sheer drive, determination and intellect can take you far now, use everything you have to stay on track and follow the journey of your inner most dreams. If you want to know how the planets will affect you personally for 2017, book an astrology prediction session with Jennifer

Solar eclipse energy provides a boost of energy early in the year, which inspires you to move out of your comfort zone and head in the direction of your dreams and inspired thought. And although the year is full with opportunity as well as inevitable challenge, there is nothing you can’t overcome if it’s what you want at a heart and soul level.

Personal: The combined energy of Venus and Mars through the year can led you to someone you feel a soul connection with, and someone you are willing to make some compromises for. Trust in important in your relationships. Once you feel safe with someone, and have more certainty of what you want in life, you can let go and let love in. For couples and singles, this is a year that represents living loving and learning. In the process, you gain valuable insights into yourself, your inner desires, values and beliefs. By October, when Jupiter, your co-ruler, makes a move to the next sign, it opens the door for you to investigate and further develop your spirituality. Your health, well-being and overall image can get an update this year, too. A new look and regime can empower you to greatness.

Professional: The foundations you set this year for your career or businesses matters, can provide security for your future. So, don’t be in too much of a hurry, as you can build real security this year, rather than fleeting success. Eclipse energy can send opportunities your way for new business, but be prepared to change what you do and how you do it to make progress. Some compromise will be necessary on your journey to reach the stars. Work life balance is very important this year, as well. Your bank account can get a boost through the efforts of others or introductions from colleagues. And when it’s about money, situations can come out of the blue, so be prepared to think and act fast. However, beware during March and the first part of April, while Venus is retrograde, not to impulsively spend. Too much singled-mindedness of your career and money can result in you missing out the experience and very essence of life itself. Aim to divide your time up between the people in your life who mean the most to you.

Greatest asset: To discard the negative and be inspired to live with positivity and the infinite possibilities of life. Biggest challenge: To live life, all of life, and not get too obsessed on one area. Positive affirmation: I am open to receive the gifts of life and live at the highest vibration. Spiritual advancement: Knowledge is wisdom. Evolvement comes from applying yourself.

Summing up: This is a year to prepared for success. However, to live at the highest degree and advance in the way you desire, it will be necessary to be organized. And once you find a winning formula of work, life balance, of looking out for your own personal needs, the year will be relatively smooth sailing. Make a plan, and follow through. If you want to know how the planets will affect you personally for 2017, book an astrology prediction session with Jennifer