Your Monthly Horoscope

MARCH Horoscope 2017

A month to be patient and methodically make progress that will set solid foundations for the future.  

Venus in Aries enters its retrograde transit at the beginning of the month and provides a chance to review relationships and discard emotional love-baggage. Action planet Mars moves to Taurus, which can be frustrating as Mars is quick moving and Taurus has a more methodical approach to life. However, the energy will assist to think things through rather than be rash and impulsive. This month’s full Moon in Virgo further helps you get organized and put plans in place. Communication planet Mercury will make a move to Aries mid-month, and sharpen your thought process. Shortly after, the Sun will move to Aries signifying the equinox, a time of new beginnings. The month closes with the new Moon in broad-minded Aquarius and an interaction between Jupiter and Pluto can literally change your attitude and outlook on life.

Hold on tight, Aries, this month you are in for the ride of your life! With Venus going retrograde in your sign, you have a change to revisit love, romance and relationships, and deal with outdated beliefs and love lessons and discard them. It is also a positive time to reassess your relationship with money and success. Replace negative thinking with abundant thoughts and knowledge. Use this time to do some emotional spring cleaning and open to new love and improved relationships in all areas of your life. Be careful of keeping secrets, as they can come back to haunt you.  Money matters are on your mind, but don’t be tempted to do anything rash. Take time to think through your game plan, especially as an opportunity at work can come through for you this month – stay tuned, this can be a game changer month.

Carve out some time in your schedule to go within. If you give yourself the gift of some solitude, the thinking time can reveal some realizations that help you make better and more productive decisions for your life. Networking is also important now, so you will need to balance your time out between your own needs and the responsibilities of life in general. Love and romance get a shake up, but it’s up to you want you want to do next. Sometimes, when things are brought to a head, it can be for the best and allow you and someone else to move forward on renewed and more solid ground. If single, a new understanding of your own personal needs can provide clarity of what type of person you want to attract, and that’s a positive place to start. 

Friends play a big part in your life and this month, even more so. You will want to make time to either be there for someone else or to allow them to be there for you. Life provides opportunities for you to give and take, both are necessary learning experiences. For love, a solid partner will be your rock this month, let them be. For singles, when looking for love, look for someone who has substance and staying power. Your home life can change in some way during this time, however, can work in your favor. News at work or with business can come through now, and if you’re waiting on a financial boost, then that is in the stars, too.

Your career zone is hopping with planetary placement and activity during March. Earlier in the month, Venus can highlight a previous situation or person that perhaps has not been resolved and you get a chance to do that now. And once you do, later in the month, the door opens for you to walk through to a bright new future. Be careful with your communication, rather than be impulsive, choose your words wisely for the result you desire to attain. Life is changeable now, but not in a bad way. It’s as if you do something in one area of life and it changes another area. In some way, love work and your home family base can all be intertwined – go with the flow, for now, and see what transpires.

As action planet Mars makes his move to your career zone early in the month, your schedule can move up a gear as you try to fit more activity into your day. But don’t be in too much of a rush to get things sorted out. As Mars is in the sign of Taurus, there can be a push pull effect, which can be frustrating for you, Leo, as you just want to get going. Use this time to your advantage in a way that you thoroughly work through whatever you are working on right now. You can get organized in a methodical way. Full Moon energy brings with it a warning not to be impulsive with your cash. And the new Moon energy will open your vision as to first laying down a long-term plan, and secondly, the smaller steps of how to achieve it. But don’t forget your love life, remember that you are much better when sharing your plans with someone else. 

The full Moon energy in your sign, Virgo, gives you a chance to reevaluate certain areas of your life, and to change direction, if that’s what you want – it’s up to you. The main thing now is to ensure that you surround yourself with the right people and part of knowing who they are is to develop and tune into your intuition so you recognize them. A discussion with a loved one can be revealing, in a way that provides insights that lead to a deeper level of closeness; be open to sharing your own true inner thoughts, too.  Past efforts that you have put in with an official matter can come to ahead now, although even though a decision can be made there can be delays. If it concerns money then be patient, it will come through, there is a new start in your star-chart.

Venus, your ruling planet, sits right opposite your sign in your love zone, and as she goes retrograde early in the month, it gives you a chance to revisit relationship issues that have not been settled. And as Jupiter in your sign is opposite Mars and Uranus and squaring Pluto during the month, you can gain insights now into your personal life that can totally change your outlook. Your home environment or a situation to do with family can change now, too, and if not physically, then in the way you feel about it. Pay attention to your health, you need to do what is right for you, so it may not be wise to burn the candle at both ends. Adopt a more balanced outlook for your life. A creative project can get the green light, use your intuition to know how to move forward and how to negotiate to best outcome for yourself. 

A situation with relationships can gather speed now, but although you may make decisions one way or another, it can take some time to put them into place. And keep in mind, Scorpio, that it will be up to you to do be proactive about making things happen in your life, and others will take your lead. As Mars moves to your love zone, this is also a romantic and passionate time for coupes or singles. Be careful with a communication that needs you to be more strategic, rather than dominant. Whether it relates to your personal or professional life, you don’t want to butt heads with someone, simply because you are in a hurry to get things settled. I friends go through an emotional time, try to be there for them, within reason, of course. And with money, look for something that will provide security.

A discussion at home with family or loved ones can reveal options to consider as to how to move forward with a situation so it is better for all concerned for the future. No matter how busy you are, make time. Someone at work or with business can present an opportunity that can be good financially, but be prepared to compromise. Be open to the look at different scenarios, just because it may not turn out as you imagine doesn’t mean it can’t be better – have an open mind. Be creative to find solutions and take advantage of networking in the right circles. You could get an interaction this month that can be worthwhile. It’s also a month for singles to get out and be social. Someone from the past can turn up during this time, too, which can give you a chance to settle any unfinished business. 

There is a lot of discussion now particularly with creative projects. The people you meet and mix with can inspire you to keep moving forward, even if you do feel out of your comfort zone, at times. An opportunity can present itself with work, but don’t try to have it all your own way. Someone else’s input, although different to yours, can work out just as well if not better, so be flexible. When a door opens, be prepared to walk through, even if you can’t see who or what is in the room. There is a lot of activity around your home environment and with family, which could present a sudden development that will require you to change your schedule to accommodate others, easier said than done but you can do it. And with Venus retrograde, you may need to deal with a situation from the past. With love and for singles, passion is in your stars, and it’s this very passion that ignites your life, for both love and work, so embrace it. 

Money matters look positive this month and if you have been expecting or waiting for some news to come through, then stand by, it’s on the way. If you have a situation with an official matter that also concerns money and has been stagnant, then it can move forward now with news heading your way. Don’t overreact if it is not what you expect. When you give yourself time to think things through, you are more in control and strategic with your dealings. With so much activity this month, don’t be too quick to judge the outcome of any situation right now.  Matters at home and with family will need your attention, too, so make time for them. And for love, keep the communication door open. 

The Sun is in your sign for the first three weeks of the month, which makes this an ideal time to get inspired about your vision in life. Make a grand plan, set your goals and then break them down into smaller achievable parts. When you give yourself the gift of time to get in touch with your dreams it is a gift that can pay off for your future, especially as the powerful energy of the solar eclipse was just in your sign sending opportunities your way. Your financial status can improve during this time, however, with Venus in your money zone there is also the temptation to spend up big. Be careful of being indulgent and impulsive with your spending. An opportunity at work can set the scene for security, just what you need right now, but do your research before agreeing to anything. And with romance, if you’re looking for love then first know what and whom you are look for. For some Pisces, you could reconnect with someone from the past and be given a chance to either resurrect or let go.



Venus moves to Aries which can put pressure on relationships. However, she does join Mars and the combined intense energy can ignite love and passion in your relationships. Abundant Jupiter in Libra enters its retrograde transit for the next four months, and gives you a chance to rethink your game-plan. This is an eclipse month, which provides more intensity to either make or break decisions, people or situations in your life – in many ways, an emotional cleanse.

Valentine’s Day on the 14th highlights love with the Moon in Libra and an interaction between Sun and Saturn present opportunities for love-commitment. Later in the same week, the Sun will swap intellectual Aquarius for sensitive and intuitive Pisces.  Mars, Moon, Pluto energy can literally shift or transform your life this month. And with the solar eclipse, prepare to move out of your comfort zone. Stand by for what happens next! This month, you could land in a different but surprisingly wonderful place. Have faith that all will work out, as it should.

This is a dynamic month for Aries! Your career is on a power trip, but don’t get ahead of yourself, take it as it comes without rushing forward – remember to enjoy the journey. Love can trip you up when you least expect, with romance and passion both exciting and challenging. But once again, take it slow, you don’t want to get in your own way.

A friend can come through for you now in some way. Decisions around the home and family come to a head, too. But try not to have preconceived ideas, instead, be open and flexible. An opportunity at work motivates you to do your best, but be patient, there could be a learning curve. Time management is important for productivity - set a plan and follow it.

Your career gets a boost of positive energy. Be strategic with your planning and intentions, don’t be in too much of a rush to share your news, whether it’s good or bad. Not everyone needs to know your business. A social event can put you in touch with power players. When it’s about money, be prepared to negotiate. With romance, slow down and enjoy the love moment.

There’s some juggling of your time and priorities this month. What you do in one area of your life, whether work, home or love, reflects on the other areas. Money matters come to a head. Discussions at work allow you to change how you go about your business, which in turn, help increase your cash flow. Some of you may go on a trip and others, an educational journey.

The lunar eclipse in your sign provides the energy to discard the old and outdated to create a void for something new and fabulous. You can connect with people now who have the influence to open doors that can be financially abundant. For love, work and money, fate can play a role with you being in the right place at the right time – watch for chance meetings. 

Eclipse energy ignites romance. It’s a fresh new start for some, and an exciting love introduction for others. You can get in touch with what inspires you now, and manifest your dreams. As Jupiter goes retrograde, financial planning provides control over money matters. Discussions at work sets the scene for future opportunity. Be patient and stay focused on the end-game.

Jupiter in your sign goes retrograde, which gives you a chance to catch your breath and move forward with plans. A chance introduction to someone important can clear the path at work for promotion or business development. Eclipse energy empowers you to look, feel and be your best - stand up and be noticed. And for love, intense emotions can be exciting but challenging. 

Life is exciting! Eclipse energy indicates change at work and, in one way or another, what happens next can be better than before. Your professional life, although challenging is empowering. The interactions and connections you have with others, provide a great deal of joy and exhilaration. If you are looking for love, stand by, it can happen now, and big time!

Home and family matters are in the spotlight and a new beginning is possible – keep a positive attitude. With money, be sure to say exactly what you mean, and be prepared to negotiate and compromise. Pay attention to what people say, especially friends, as they can reveal their true intentions. Travel plans or your long-term plan can alter now, but work out to be better.

Life is changeable, which is good, however, navigating the journey can be disruptive. Keep a positive attitude and stay focused – it’s only a matter of time until you arrive at your destination. News can come through that moves work development to a planning stage. You can expect financial support, and the best love moments are spent at home.

The lunar eclipse can shake up your love life. If single, when dating make sure you check your baggage. And for couples, you have chance to do some emotional clearing – a little love housework. There’s a new start with money. News can come through that provides you with more security. Communication is important, focus on both what you say and how you say it.

Life balance is important. Set priorities and focus on them. Enjoy a love relationship, without being possessive. You need to look after your wellbeing, too. Eclipse energy in your sign is dynamic as you enter a bright new phase. Be strict with what and who you spend time with. Your financial affairs look positive, but don’t be impulsive. Work can provide more security.

January 2017 Horoscopes

Month Overview.
This is a powerful time to create the life of your dreams. It’s important to keep life in perspective. So, try not to take anything too seriously this month. You need to be productive the first month of the new year. Be prepared to let go of anything outdated and any hurts from the past year. Embrace what comes next. But it’s not all about work. As Venus conjuncts with Neptune, a romantic rendezvous can take your attention. For part of the month you can feel frustrated that your progress is too slow. As Mercury comes out of retrograde, the momentum builds. Keep moving forward, there is nothing you can’t accomplish now.

The people you meet this month can help move your life to the next stage. Social invitations can provide the very introductions you have been looking for. And as a result, your career can receive a big boost. Be careful of sharing all your plans at once. People need to earn your trust. Moon energy triggers a realization about your home and personal life. 

There is a new start at work, but it is up to you to recognize an opportunity and make it your own. A meeting of two hearts through a social engagement can get your heart beating faster. Share your inner thoughts and say exactly how you feel. A philosophical outlook rather than taking life too seriously can open doors. Travel is in your stars too, now.

You can make your mark at work now, as your creativity is second to none. When you are inspired, you can surprise everyone, even yourself. When communication planet Mercury comes out of retrograde on the 8th, you can move forward with plans. If you have not set a budget for the new year, now’s the time to do it. With careful planning and advice from the right people, you can build security now.  

The full Moon mid-month can cause you to feel a little unsettled, don’t make any major decisions around this time. You can develop a love relationship further now, but wait until after the 8th when Mercury comes out of retrograde to have a heart-to heart. Prepare to be busy at work as Mars moves to your career zone at the end of the month.

Get organized this month as you are likely to be pulled in more than one direction. When you have an opportunity to advance at work, you will want to take it. And with the new Moon in your love zone, romance is also on your mind. Be careful not to keep secrets. Your instincts are sharp now, so pay attention to your intuition, it can provide the message you need to hear. 

There is nothing more important than your overall health and wellbeing. Don’t let it drop to the bottom of the list. This is a perfect time for an image overhaul, too. Your attraction factor is hot now. And with Venus and Mars both in your love zone, the better you look, the better you feel. There’s a new start at work, so as usual, life is about balance.

Your love life gets a burst of fresh air with a new start on the horizon. If single, you could meet someone who attracts and keeps your attention. The full Moon mid-month in your career zone can give things at work a shakeup. If you need to make a change in some way you can do it now. Be prepared to say good bye to anything that is not working.

Your home and family life can come together now in way you hadn’t thought of. It can represent a new beginning in some way. When Mercury comes out of retrograde on the 8th, that will be the time to have a sensitive discussion with someone. When it’s about money, don’t be impulsive this month. Instead, act on the side of caution.

As Mercury comes out of retrograde on the 8th, you can receive news of a family matter. But don’t be reactive, life has a habit of working out, just as it should. A creative project can get the go-ahead now. And you can have a discussion with someone that results in your bank balance getting a boost. Be thankful! A romantic alliance can help to ease tension - enjoy!

This is a busy month - it’s action plus. Last month’s new Moon set things in motion and now you’re gathering momentum. Money matters start to look up this month, especially during the last two weeks. A love association can attract your attention - don’t doubt how fabulous you are! And with the new Moon in your love zone mid-month, it’s possible to meet someone you have an instant connection with.

This is a month to get organized so you are ready for anything. Magical new Moon energy at the end of the month in your sign can be the start of good fortune heading your way. With Venus and Mars in your money zone, your financial affairs can look more positive now. But be careful of spending cash as fast as you make it. With love, your usually not possessive, so don’t start now.

Venus, the love goddess moves to your sign early in the month to join passion planet Mars. Stand by for hot steamy romance - these two planets can heat up your love life. The energy of the full Moon mid-month can help you close the door on an association or renew it in some way. Beware of being stubborn at work, try to be flexible. Don’t get involved in other people’s business. This is a positive time for your own self-development